Week 4 of #30dayTDC for June 2017

Yesterday was the last day of the #ds106 30-day Daily Create challenge. With this blog post I’m managing to finish them all. It’s been both harder and easier than I thought it might: harder to be creative even when I didn’t feel creative, and easier because I managed to come up with ideas and artifacts even for things I though I’d have a hard time with (and some of them I really did have a hard time coming up with ideas for!).

June 25, 2017

The daily create for June 25 was: “Do your colleagues think you’re a joke? Prove them right by turning yourself into a cartoon.”

The daily create page said we could try cartoon.pho.to, which is an online tool that makes your images look like cartoons. I used a selfie of me in a hat given to me by Pat Lockley:

Me wearing a Pikachu hat

June 26

The Daily Create for June 26 was to caption a set of photos. Please see this blog post for a very short story.


June 27

The daily create for June 27: “Top this caption! So many possibilities. Create a tag line. An Alternate reality. Or just plain old royal humour.”

The Queen of England sitting next to her son Charles. Charles looks very dejected.

I used pixlr.com to add some quick captions.


June 28

The Daily Create for June 28: “The #30dayTDC is just like riding a bicycle. Show us your bicycle, or someone else’s bicycle, or just something about bicycles.”

I made this one with the Paper by 53 app on my iPad. It has some neat functionality: you can create a background with a colour and then change the colour of the background only quite easily even after you’ve put other stuff on there. You can draw something, like the bike, and then copy and paste more versions of it on the page. You can also move the elements you’ve put on the background.

I think I was channeling the “alternate reality” suggestion from the daily create the day before and I created an alternate reality where bikes could fly.

Drawing of a night sky with a bright, full moon and three silhouettes of people riding bikes against a background of stars. Written on the bottom is: Airbikes!

June 29

Daily create for June 29: “Create your fantasy band. Who (alive, dead or fictional) would be in your fantasy band, and what would your role be?”

I was in a drawing mood, and this one I decided to do on actual paper (okay, maybe not digital storytelling here!). I wanted to draw some cats playing music together, but my drawing skills are so rudimentary it was all I could do to create a solo act.


drawing of a cat sitting on a bench playing a keyboard and singing.

June 30

The daily create for June 30: “Tell a story in two images.”

I found this one difficult because it was so open–it could be any two images in the world! At first I tried picking two from five card flickr as @dogtrax had done for this one, but I just couldn’t put a story together I liked from my own set of five images.

So then I went to my own set of images from my phone and found a couple that I thought could work together. I then put them into the pixlr.com app on my phone and added text and some filters.

a lake with trees reflected in the water that are upside down, with the caption: "She had entered a strange, upside down world..."

Looking up at some clouds that look like pillows, with the caption: "Where the clouds were pillows for her bed."

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