Can’t fight the natural zombie

I’ve been playing #TvsZ this weekend, a game on Twitter designed to help new people learn Twitter, to do digital storytelling, and to have fun. Check out for details.

Yesterday, while I was still human, I did a post on my other blog to create a #safezone to avoid zombies for an hour. That post was done on a phone and I couldn’t easily embed tweets or images (the latter I couldn’t do at all, the former would have been quite time consuming on a phone). Some of my time was spent in @NanaLou022’s #safezone called #NanasPlace, which you can read about here, thanks to Nana Lou Storifying our tweets while there.

Then today I got turned into a zombie by a #zapbite–basically, a bit that can’t be defended by any means. It turns you into an instazombie, according to @MTPcgr:


So then I became a zombie.



But I heard about something called the “non-violent zombie coalition,” started (I think) by Nirmal Trivedi:


As a newly-turned zombie, I decided to join. I still had feelings for the humans and an instinct to avoid killing them. I asked, though, what #nvzc zombies eat. Trivedi replied:


So I made a pledge:


And another one:


All along I knew that my resolve was weak, but I hoped my fellow #nvzc members would help support me when I starting having cravings.


Then I went dark for the rest of the day, hoping that if I stayed away from humans I would keep the natural zombie urges down. Eventually I resurfaced. Fortunately, the humans were all in #safezones at that time and I couldn’t #bite any of them. But unfortunately, none of my fellow #nvzc members were around to help me, and try as I might, the natural zombie won out. I recorded what it sounded like when it broke through:


I still have enough decency left to feel badly for having left the #nvzc even after solemnly pledging. I tried. But peace is not easy for a zombie, and I’m a weak zombie. I admit it. I have a problem. And I need brains. Now there is a new rule that allows for a third species: there are now humans, zombies and #chorus members, who are no longer part of the main game actions (they can’t be bitten by zombies or bite humans, or #swipe zombies away from other humans), but they act as a Greek chorus might, commenting on the game, moving the narrative forward, etc. This is a mighty interesting move, but this zombie wants to play, not watch. The hunger is strong with this one. At least @NanaLou022 offered me some of the #Burgeron106 sheep in her #sheepshed (see here for the sheepshed safehouse she created).  


So my hunger is staved off for awhile, long enough to sleep. But sheep brains just aren’t as tasty or nutritious for us zombies. Tomorrow I’ll be on the hunt again.