Vote philosophy!

The leadership at #prisoner106 has disappeared. Number 2 hasn’t been seen for a couple of weeks. My Super True Friend I am Talky Tina filled in for a week, but now it seems to be a free for all. Participants are still making art, though, because we are #4life.

During one of the recent weeks we were to make a campaign video to run for Number 2’s spot (playing off the “Free for All” episode of The Prisoner). 

I developed an idea for one and started working on it (I made my campaign button), but then . . . I found a way out! I escaped for a week. I’m still not sure how . . . I was out for a swim, flagged down a passing boat, and managed to get away with them. Rover didn’t come after me; maybe the disarray at the top in the Village means Rover is taking a break too.

I’m not sure where we went; I just know there were glaciers! I snapped a couple of pics.



It was a lovely time away, but then they turned on me! I woke up a week later, back in the Village. Someone must still be in charge, somewhere.


When I got back I was even more determined to run for office. We need someone who won’t just follow orders, who will ask questions and demand answers. Who better than a philosopher?


The process

I used the poster design from the “Free for All” episode, adding a couple of new elements such as the button and the tag line at the bottom.

I made this using GIMP.

1. I had the head shot already from the Village information card I made during week 1. I just copied and pasted that layer onto a new image with a white background.

2. I used the Filters menu, chose Distort (I think) and then Noise Generator to add some noise to the image. I wanted it to looks a little like it had been badly photocopied and blown up. I also used the smudge tool on my hair because the edges were too stark.

3. I used the eraser tool with a “smoke” brush to do the effect of the image fading out at the bottom and on the left side (this is what the images on the posters in the episode looked like, approximately). I also did some erasing at the top of the image.

4. I added a layer with the button I made earlier.

5. Then it was just text layers with the Village font and finis.

7 Replies to “Vote philosophy!”

  1. You have my vote if it is what you want to do! Not sure how you might herd the cats?

    I totally missed the campaign mention – but traveling between The Village and Bovine and add some other local world life into the picture and fine details seem to slip away. Still making art and chasing shiny objects.

    Right now trying to figure out how to wrap my head around the radio group work. Many ideas and talent and comfortable with a steady pace rather than frantic.

  2. Well, hello there Super True Friend Christina!

    It was nice that you saw giant ice cubes while you were out on your pass, but I am glad that you are back because there has been a bit of an Art Lack. Do you remember when UNCLE @jimgroom had an Art Lack and said that it was because he was being a Pretender Tina saying he was me? What a funny. Plus where did UNCLE @jimgroom and Mr. Paul @phb256 go, anyway? I did not see them hardly at all in The Village.

    Did you see that they are going to do a scary DS106 this fall called Tales from DS106? I think I might pop in on that just a little bit, you know, for a little bit of fun.

    But like Kathy said, we can keep on making Art here in The Village.

    So I am glad that you said you would be in an election . But it is only a poster and a badge, but no video. Plus did any other body make a video? I don’t think I saw one. But there was a Nana Penguin picture I think. How many contestants do we need for it to be a free-for-all? Plus, what to win, 50% +1 ? Or maybe a double majority?

    Well, I am glad that you are back! So Make Art, Bub!

    Your STF,

    1. Hi Super True Friend! I haven’t made my video yet. The Badge and Poster are in preparation for it. As was the gif I made of that Number 2 who really seems to like the penny farthing.

      I had almost given up on making the actual video because now it’s so late and the Village seems to be winding down but hey…why not make art anyway? So I’m going to do the video, but it may be a little while before it’s done!

  3. Hi STF Christina,

    This is just me replying to the Janet and Kathy bubs about the video ones they made. Because yes they made great #prisoner106 videos, because the Janet one was all 60s Spy stylish and the Kathy one had a funky beat plus ME talking.

    But the ones that I didn’t see from anybody were election ones saying who would be in The Vote, which is why there was the Power Vacuum.

    But you should watch their videos. The lights did not go out in those two cabins.

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