4 icons and I still don’t get it

Here’s a belated post for the “one story, four icons” assignment for design week in #prisoner106.

I wanted to do this assignment for an episode I just don’t understand, even after watching it twice.

Here are the icons … can you guess it before I explain below why I am still puzzled by this episode?



I watched this episode twice because I didn’t get it the first time. I didn’t get it the second time. And putting it into four icons didn’t help.

If you didn’t get it, it’s the “It’s Your Funeral” episode of The Prisoner, which, funnily enough, was the subject of at least two other four icon assignments this week I just discovered: one by Melanie and one by John. I love how we’ve picked different things!

What makes no sense to me is the following: Why would they involve Number 6 in the plan to get rid of the old Number 2 in the first place? If they wanted to get rid of Number 2 through the use of the watchmaker, what was the point of getting his daughter to get Number 6 involved? What did they want to do to Number 6, or have him do to others, and why?

Of course, he foiled their plans to get rid of the old Number 2, so from what I can tell there was just risk in involving him and I can’t see the possible reward.

They went through the rigamarole of recording Number 6 telling the new Number 2 about the assassination plot so they could create a film that would convince the old Number 2 that Number 6’s warning isn’t credible. But why involve him in the first place? It could all have been blamed on the jammers who, this time, weren’t joking.

I just don’t get it. Help, please?


At least we got to learn a new sport, and you can always tell Number 2 because he wears the white helmet and the other guy wears the black one. They both have cool shoes, though. And, as Melanie points out, Number 2 has some styling glasses.


  • Glasses by chiccabubble from the Noun Project
  • Helmet public domain from the Noun Project
  • Watch by Becca O’Shea from the Noun Project
  • Medal by Kris Brauer from the Noun Project

3 Replies to “4 icons and I still don’t get it”

  1. Well, hello Super True Friend!

    I think that Number Six did not want it to blow up and then they would get made at all the Village peoples and retribution them. Because even though he wants to escape, he cares for the other Prisoner residents now so his humanity is still intact for the Community.

    Plus, he is still saying, “I am not a puppet. I am still a Save-the-World-man.” Plus, get bad guys.

    Does that help?

    1. HI Super True Friend!

      Yes, I understand why Number 6 wanted to help everyone and be a hero guy. But why did they want to involve him in the first place? What motivation could Number 2 have had for getting him involved?

  2. PS. The second icon helmet one confused me for a while until you talked about helmets. Then I figured out it was a helmet. But those helmets back then ARE like in your icon shaped like a weird egg.

    Well, Bye!

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