#prisoner106 Week 3 summary

It’s an hour before our week 3 summary is due, I’m tired, and I didn’t do everything I was supposed to do this week. I wonder if they’ll turn off the electricity to my bungalow? Only allow me as much food as my meager credit units for this week can buy? Send me back to the hospital?

During my visit to the hospital last week I woke up and discovered some strange blue stripes on my legs. This week I found, on my phone, another strange image, this time even more disturbing:

IMG_1465 (1)

I’m rather concerned, to say the least. And what could those letters mean? Why are there three F’s and only one B?

Despite this disturbing discovery, I did manage to do a few things this week:

Daily Creates

I made a poster for the Public Domain Review (daily create 1282, for July 13, 2015). After posting it as CC BY, I thought: silly me, why not post it CC0, which you can do on Flickr now? So I did.

Don't wait for your beard

And I made an image with “magical light” (daily create 1283, for July 14, 2015)

Ghostly lights

Prisoner photo safari

One of the visual assignments we were to do this week was a photo safari. Here are the photos I took while walking around The Village.

I got a little sneaky with a couple of these, and where it said “City of Vancouver” I changed it to “City of Village” or just, “The Village.” That was fun, but it’s kind of subtle (except on one where it’s pretty big).


Animating #Prisoner106

Though I plan to make more, so far I’ve done one animated gif of The Prisoner.


Now, it’s lights out in my bungalow. Will they come back on tomorrow?


3 Replies to “#prisoner106 Week 3 summary”

  1. Christina,

    We are aware that you are recently released from the ministrations of the staff at our Village Hospital, and we respect the fact that you undertook to be out and about on a photo safari as part of your recovery. We are conscious that you may be keeping to your cottage more regularly in the coming week, and as a result we will only be decreasing your electricity allowance for part of the day. You will still have an opportunity to engage in Making Art and as long as you continue to engage positively with other members of the Community, we will show leniency. After all, we are compassionate here in The Village.

    Number 2, on behalf of The Committee
    The Village

    1. Oh thank you Number 2, I appreciate it. I have been keeping to my bungalow to work on a special project, but that will soon be done and then I can make more art. I can survive without power for part of the day, certainly. I can get some reading done.

  2. Super True Friend Christina,

    I finally understand why you had those blue on your legs and I hope you are getting some good exercise and when you took your pictures.

    I like the Magical Light one. It looks like it was on an old speedboat that I had once. At least that’s what it looked like at night out on the open seas. Plus, about the beard one, I don’t think I would ever have a beard, so it’s a good thing that I’m not waiting for that.

    If you find that you are running short of electricity in your cottage, you can always contact me and I can “make arrangements,” as it were. But keep on Making Art, too.

    Are we going to do another “On the Beach” this summer? We could sit down at the stone boat and chat while Rover frolics in the sand.

    Your STF,

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