Foiled escape attempt

So after my Village morning announcement, Rover came to help me. I was starting to, um, ask questions.

Questions are a burden to others. Answers are a prison for oneself.

That’s what I learned while I was in hospital. They treated me so nicely! Especially after, I am told, I tried to escape. I don’t remember it at all. But the nice doctors gave me an audio recording to let me know what I had tried to do, and what happened. They told me to keep it as a memento of my nice time in the hospital.

So now I’m back in my bungalow and can visit with you all again after several days away. Talky Tina made us some nice beverages so I’ll have to go visit her and share one. Sure could use a nice cold drink after that hospital food.


The delicious drink my Super True Friend Talky Tina made for me.



Many sounds were from licensed CC0; the sound of me throwing off the wires from the heart monitor was made by me. The Rover sound came from the “Schizoid Man” episode. I recorded it using Soundflower like explained in the previous post.

7 Replies to “Foiled escape attempt”

  1. You reminded me of the fun I had when I did my first sound effect story!
    You are so good with sound effects and weaving them together to tell a story, I could see in my mind’s eye everything that happened to you.

    I was at the hospital when you came and they did treat you well! I have some images of your treatment I will post later this week….

    1. Oh I’m glad you were there when I arrived because I don’t remember very much. I am looking forward to the pictures to see what lovely things they did to help me.

      [Thank you for the comments on the story. It was way fun to do, and thank goodness for, eh? Can you believe this is actually my first sound effects story? I don’t know why but I never had any ideas for one in earlier versions of ds106.]

  2. I am glad that Rover took good care of you, Super True Friend, Christina. If they have wires on your heart, you should not tear them off like that if it makes all the machines beep and go bing. Plus, you might miss your lunch time in the hospital.

    Was Mariana the Shrink taking care of you, or was it a different doctor one?

    I am glad that you are back in your bungalow now. Plus you have your pop drink with your name on it.

    Are we going on the beach to make a recording about information and identity and individuality and isolation and other words with i?

    1. Of course Rover took good care of me–she is such a nice Friend! She saves me when I try to swim out too far in the ocean with all my clothes still on. How silly of me!

      I think Dr. M the village shrink was there when I arrived; she says she was. All my time at the hospital is a bit fuzzy. I think Rover wipes out some of your bad memories so you don’t have them anymore when you wake up.

      I like “i” words! And birds! and the beach with the ship.

    1. I don’t remember anything, but why would they lie to me by saying I tried to escape when I hadn’t? I’ll admit I had some subversive thoughts during that morning announcement, so maybe I tried to act on them before Rover saved me and brought me back to my only home.

  3. Dear New Christina,

    Sounds like you had an interesting experience in the Hospital. Are you a new person after this experience? Though you have no memory of the alleged escape attempt, do you believe it was you who made the attempt? If your memories are modified enough, are you a new person? How much is enough?

    Young lady, you must continue to question! (Does calling you “young lady” set your mind on edge? Are words, sui generis, something to be on edge about?) If a person does not truly exist without the Other (as some “philosophers” say), then the slogan should be “Questions are a provocation to others. Answers are an illusion for oneself.”

    Enjoy your beverage!

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