This small patch of pond


ds106 daily create for June 18, 2014: “Go out into your yard (or jump the fence into your neighbor’s yard) and find an interesting piece of ground. Zoom in with your camera’s lens, and take a picture. Share your square piece of Earth with the world.”

So it was kinda late by the time I got to this daily create, and I cheated by making it a patch of pond rather than a patch of earth, and even more by taking a photo of a patch of pond on our kitchen counter.

My son, 6 years old, is raising tadpoles in a very large saucepan. We have gathered rocks, pond water, and water plants and made a small environment for them. We feed them boiled lettuce, which they seem to love, and change half the water every day. It’s really fun–one of them has newly grown legs!

I played around a LOT with the macro lens and settings on our camera, and eventually needed to set up the tripod and set the timer delay to 2 seconds so that my pressing the shutter button didn’t shake the camera. This was the best out of the shots.

 Here is the photo on Flickr.

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