Twilight Zone: Invaders gifs

Creepy little spaceman with paring knife is creepy.


This potato sure is tough…


The top one is my first gif ever. They’re both from the Twilight Zone episode posted for #ds106, here, called “The Invaders.” I could only download part of it, so I didn’t have as much material to work with in making a gif as I would have liked. I’m going to try to make one or two from another episode I find elsewhere on the net.

Both of them jump a lot, which means I need to work on the timing, or picking a different scene.

I don’t have much of a story behind these, except I was trying to find scenes that would make smooth gifs!

In the first one I was focusing on the spaceman’s knife and I think I got the movement from that down pretty well…it looks okay, but the woman’s movement is jerky. I wish I could just mask her out or something to make the alien knife look better. Any suggestions on how to do that sort of thing?

In the second one, I thought it would be cool if she could just chew forever, and have an endless amount of potatoes going into the pot. I like how the candle in the background actually looks like it’s just flickering! I think of the two, I like this second one best for smoothness…but I like the first one best for creepiness and I wish I could do something about the jumping woman to the left of the spaceman.

One more question: I’d like to be able to show the captions for images in the posts, rather than only when you click on the images (as it is now). Any idea how to do that?

These were done for the #ds106 animated gif assignment on Twilight Zone

I used MPEG Streamclip and then GIMP, as described here.

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