T&L workshops taken

Here I describe some of the professional development workshops and courses on teaching and learning that I have taken. In particular, I have taken several workshops on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, on educational technology and online learning, and on open education.

Extended, intensive workshops and courses at UBC

  • Faculty Instructional Skills Workshop, August 9-11, 2011. This was a three-day workshop devoted to various topics in improving instructional skills, with a peer review component: participants presented three mini-lectures (one each day) that were then peer reviewed (including a discussion period after the lecture) as well as videotaped to facilitate self-assessment. See http://ctlt.ubc.ca/programs/all-our-programs/instructional-skills-workshop-isw/
  • International Faculty SoTL Leadership Certificate, Sept. 2011-April 2012. This was a year-long course focused in part on developing a research project the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), and in part on improving one’s own teaching practice. We met monthly, but most of the work was done independently, between meetings. I developed and implemented a survey to determine what Arts One alumni thought was most valuable in the program for their later university studies (see the SoTL page for more on this survey). See here for more information on this program: http://international.educ.ubc.ca/SOTL/

Shorter workshops at UBC

I have participated in many professional development workshops since starting at UBC in 2004. Here is a selection of some of them:

  • Incorporating Truth and Reconciliation Resources Into Your Teaching and Learning, Sept. 2013
  • A Classroom Without Walls: Enabling Open Online Teaching and Learning Practices, May 2012
  • How Do Students Learn? Applying Evidence-based Strategies in the Classroom, May 2012
  • Engaging Presentations: Skills and Tools for the Classroom, August 2011
  • Active Learning Really Works! August 2011
  • Refining Your Learner-Centred Course Syllabus, August 2011
  • Instructor Capacity Building for Working in Diverse Classrooms, May 2010
  • 50 Ways to Lure Your Learner, May 2009
  • Electronic Assignment and Feedback: Providing quick and effective feedback, May 2009
  • The Right Question at the Right Time, May 2008
  • Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology Summer Institute, June 2006: “Cultivating ‘Heart-Mind’ in Teaching and Learning,” “Global Citizenship in Teaching and Learning: What Does it Mean for Me?,” “Digital Tools for Feedback and Assessment,” and “e-portfolios @ UBC: An Overview”
  • The Art of Evaluation: Creating Rubrics, October 2005
  • Interactive Teaching Techniques, October 2005
  • Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology Summer Institute, May 2005: a seminar on how to add interactivity to large classes, one on constructive evaluation of student writing, one on using RSS feeds in WebCT for courses, and one on using learning e-portfolios for assessment of student learning
  • Teaching E-Portfolios, Fall 2004

Open, online courses

  • Participated in DS106, an open, online course on digital storytelling (using digital media to not only tell stories, but to explain concepts, processes, and arguments). Learned how to use software for video and audio recording and editing as well as image manipulation. I have participated in multiple instances of this course, from Spring 2013 to the present. See here for the main course website: http://ds106.us

Other professional development activities at UBC and before I came to UBC

  • Participated in the Focus on Teaching mentoring program for junior faculty in the Faculty of Arts, University of British Columbia, Fall 2004-Spring 2005
  • Attended the UW Colleges Workshop on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, UW-Fond du Lac, August 2003
  • Attended University of Wisconsin System Faculty College (three-day mini-courses devoted to teaching and learning), University of Wisconsin-Richland Center, June 2001.