T&L publications & presentations

Here is a list of my publications and presentations related to teaching and learning. Those related to my disciplinary research can be found in section 10(e) and the Publications Record on my CV: Hendricks CV, July 2015 (PDF)


Reporting on research I’ve done or collaborated on


Conference presentations

  • “Does Teaching the Philosophy of Happiness Make One’s Students Happier?” Joint presentation with Dr. Jennifer Mulnix of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth at the group meeting of the American Association of Philosophy Teachers, Pacific Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association, San Diego, California, April 2011. I worked with Dr. Mulnix on a research project studying whether students who take philosophy of happiness courses self-report greater levels of happiness according to several validated tests.
  • “Difficulties Evaluating Connectivist MOOCs: Negotiating Autonomy and Participation,” presented at the annual Open Education Conference, Park City, Utah, November 2013. I studied the literature on evaluating the effectiveness of connectivist MOOCs, laid out the specific difficulties in doing so, and critiqued several approaches to solving them. Slides and video of this presentation can be found here: http://blogs.ubc.ca/chendricks/2013/11/08/open-ed-2013/
  • (accepted and confirmed) “Tracking a Dose-Response Curve for Peer Feedback on Writing,” to be presented at the SoTL Symposium on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, sponsored by The Institute for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at Mt. Royal University. Banff, Alberta, Canada, November 12-14, 2015. This presentation is also about the peer feedback on writing study in Arts One, and will provide data from our analysis of all the data (earlier presentations gave only partial results).
  • (accepted and confirmed) “Faculty Attitudes Towards OER and Open Textbooks in British Columbia and Beyond,” presentation on the results of a survey about these faculty attitudes. Presenting with Rajiv Jhangiani and Beck Pitt at the Open Education 2015 conference, Vancouver, BC, November 18-20, 2015.


Other publications and presentations on teaching and learning



  • Hendricks, C. (in press). Teaching and learning philosophy in the open. In E. Esch and C. Wright (Eds.), Current Issues in Philosophical Pedagogy (selected papers from the 2014 meeting of the American Association of Philosophy Teachers). Charlottesville, VA: Philosophy Documentation Center. This article is about open education generally, but also focuses on how one might engage in open education in philosophy in particular.

Invited presentations


  • Invited to present at a workshop sponsored by CTLT (Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology) at UBC called “How Learning Works,” during Celebrate Learning Week, October 2013. In this workshop, three UBC faculty members presented a difficulty they are struggling or have struggled with in teaching and learning, relating it to one of the principles in a book called How Learning Works, by Michele DiPietro. Workshop participants used the principles from the book to suggest ways to address the difficulties, and then faculty members explained afterwards what we had done ourselves to address them.
  • Invited to speak as part of a panel talking about how to make your own videos for courses, at the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology’s Summer Institute, May 2014. I spoke about my experience learning on my own how to shoot and edit video.
  • Invited to present on interdisciplinary teaching in Arts One for the Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning Community of Practice at UBC, March 2015.


Beyond UBC

  • Invited to be “interviewed” during a Twitter chat for an open online course called “Tinker, Make and Learn,” February, 2015. I was invited to speak about the digital storytelling objects I have made over the last few years (images, videos, podcasts, animated gifs, and more). Tweets from this “Twitterview” can be found here: https://storify.com/robinwb/tinker-make-and-learn


Conference presentations

  • “Team-Teaching in a Multidisciplinary Cohort: The UBC ‘Arts One’ Experience,” UBC Faculty of Education and BC Teachers’ Federation annual conference, “Investigating our Practices,” University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, May 2006.
  • “A Philosophy of One’s Own,” workshop for the biannual meeting of the American Association of Philosophy Teachers, Conway/Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, July 2010. I talked about how one might change one’s courses to allow students to investigate more of their own philosophical views rather than just those of the philosophers we read.
  • Co-presenter, with Jessie Key, “Reviewing and Adapting Open Textbooks: Practical and Pedagogical Considerations.” BCcampus Open Textbook Summit, Vancouver, BC, May 2015. We talked about our experiences reviewing and adapting open textbooks.
  • Co-presenter, with Rajiv Jhangiani, “Enhancing pedagogy with open textbooks and other open educational resources,” a presentation and discussion about the pedagogical value of using and creating open educational resources. Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2015 conference, Vancouver, BC, June 2015.
  • Co-presenter, with Sunaina Assanand, Joanne Fox, Catherine Rawn and Allen Sens, “Taking Your Teaching Beyond Your Classroom: Teaching Practice and Educational Leadership,” a panel presentation and discussion on what “educational leadership” can mean, how various people are fulfilling the role of an educational leader, and how participants might themselves work towards being educational leaders at their institution. Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2015 conference, Vancouver, BC, June 2015.
  • (accepted and confirmed) “Faculty and Student Collaboration for OER and Open Textbook Advocacy,” a panel with Daniel Munro, Jenna Omassi, and Brady Yano, on how faculty and students at UBC and SFU are collaborating on awareness and advocacy about open educational resources. To be presented at the Open Education 2015 conference, Vancouver, BC, November 18-20, 2015.


Other presentations

  • Co-presented, with Will Engle and Jon Festinger, on “Engaging Students with Open Educational Resources,” CTLT Institute at UBC, May 2015. We discussed the pedagogical benefits of using and creating open educational resources. See this blog post for slides as well as the agenda for the session, and more: http://blogs.ubc.ca/chendricks/2015/06/13/engaging-students-with-oer/