The Teaching section of this portfolio includes the elements linked in the menu at the right.

  • I begin with a list of the courses I’ve taught, to provide context for the rest of the materials in this section
  • I then provide a scholarly teaching statement, that describes many aspects of my approach to teaching and grounds them in the research literature on teaching and learning.
  • Next, I discuss the workshops and courses I’ve taken as professional development for my teaching practice
  • I provide a page with several sample syllabi, assignments, and handouts for the courses I teach most often
  • In the next section I provide data from student evaluations of my courses over the last 5-6 years, as well as my reflections on and responses to this data
  • I end this section with a brief statement about a teaching award I applied for but did not receive, and a link to a (password-protected) page with a copy of this application and the letter of recommendation that went along with it