In the Department of Philosophy at the University of British Columbia Vancouver I frequently teach an Introduction to Philosophy course focused on value theory (mainly ethics and social/political philosophy). The course usually starts with some readings from Ancient Greece, then includes works on utilitarianism and deontology, and then some 20th & 21st century works on ethical or political topics. You can see a few examples of my web sites from this course:

I have also taught a second year course in moral theory (PHIL 230) and a fourth year course in Continental Philosophy (usually focused on Foucault, also sometimes on Nietzsche). Here are the websites I used for the last times I taught those courses:

I also taught for about ten years in the Arts One program at UBC Vancouver: a team-taught, interdisciplinary, year-long course that provides students with first year credits in English, History and Philosophy. Here is the web site I used the last time I taught in Arts One:

Blog on Teaching & Learning

I have a blog called You’re the Teacher, in which I write about teaching & learning in philosophy as well as research I am doing in the scholarship of teaching and learning and open education. I also post many of the slides from my presentations on that site.

History of Courses Taught

2004-present (UBC)

ARTS 001:  Arts One – a first year multidisciplinary, team-taught course
PHIL 102:  Introduction to Philosophy (Value Theory)
PHIL 230: Introduction to Moral Theory
PHIL 330: Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 334: Sex, Gender and Philosophy
PHIL 335: Power and Oppression
PHIL 449:  Continental Philosophy (Nietzsche and Foucault on Genealogy)
WMST 100: Introduction to Women’s Studies

2000-2004 (University of Wisconsin-Rock County, Janesville, WI, USA)

Introduction to Philosophy
Ethics (Theoretical and Applied)
Logic (introductory-level informal and symbolic)
Social and Political Philosophy
Philosophy of the Arts (interdisciplinary course)
Human Nature, Religion and Society
First-Year Seminar

1999-2000 (St. Edward’s University, Austin, TX, USA)

Ethical Analysis (Ethical Theory)
Business Ethics

1997-2000 (University of Texas at Austin)

Introduction to Philosophy
Contemporary Moral Problems
Business Ethics
Introduction to the Philosophy of the Arts