Checking into the Village

I’m joining the #prisoner106 version of DS106 this summer. It’s based on “The Prisoner,” a show I didn’t even know about until now.

I’m checking into the Village with my official Village information card.




the process

The office in the Village gave us a layered .psd file to start with. Then we just had to add our picture, change the text, and voilà, right? After I downloaded the “Village” font from I thought it would be easy peasy. Not quite.

On GIMP, which is what I use for image editing, you can’t edit text layers unless they are “text layers” in GIMP. Which is apparently a thing. The layers in the .psd file (is this Photoshop?) are not GIMP “text layers.” I found that out after rather longer trying than I should have tried, and rather a bit of web searching.

But of course, the next best thing is to just delete the text layers on the original and start over. I tried to find a red colour for my name and Village role that at least sort of matched the colour at the top. And then, indeed, voilà!

For the image, I had to cut myself out from some other background, which I did using the “lasso” or “free select” tool, being kind of lazy about going around all that hair. Then I did control-C to copy the selected area, and pasted it to a new layer (I can’t remember now how I manged to do that part, the pasting part; and I just did it a few minutes ago. Sigh.). Then I used the eraser tool to erase around some of the hair so it blended into the background a bit more.

And now I am ready for a couple of months of rest and relaxation, and getting to know the friendly Rover!


8 Replies to “Checking into the Village”

  1. I think you will fit right in. With such attention to detail (like the Village font) and such friendly disposition to our Rover you might never need to visit the Hospital. And so good to see you are giving us INFORMATION as we request about the creation process. Why did you resign? Whose side are you on?

    1. There are sides? I thought this was just a nice place to relax. Hmmm…there may be more to this Village than I realized …

    1. Oh, a library! I love libraries! Why would I want to escape such a relaxing place? But okay, I’ll keep it in mind, in case, well, something unexpected happens.

    2. We must find whose side you are on. If you are on the right side this is a very relaxing place. Why did you resign?

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